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www.ConfederationLogHomes.com or 877.462.5647

www.JamesHardie.ca - fiber cement products are engineered for climate.

www.thewoodmill.ca or 705.687.5959 - Woodmill of Muskoka is recognized worldwide for making authentic wood and recycled plastic - Muskoka chairs.

www.Totousa.com or 800.350.toto - Enjoy the satisfaction of warm water cleansing with the Washlet Connect.  New specialty designed to conceal its connections, the Washlet seamlessly blends into your bathroom decor.

www.Quality Homes.ca - Build it Easier, Faster, Smarter

www.Blancocanada.com - apron kitchen sinks

www.barmacdoors.com - garage overhead doors

www.Bonestructure.ca - Bone structure technology and comfort - L & M Contracting.

www.gerberonline.com or 866.538.5536 - high efficient toilet and bathroom sink.

www.fiberondcking.com or 800.573.8841 - no maintenance decking.

www.newtrendfencing.com or 519.745.1300 - bamboo fencing

www.amvic.com - AMVIC building system.

www.superiorwalls.ca or 800.452.9255 - Superior custom-made precast concrete wall systems.

www.clopaydoor.com or 800.225.6729 - modern garage doors.

www.SunTouch.com - easy to install underfloor electric radiant heating.

www.Bpcan.com - Sound Insulation

www.decks.ca - amazing deck ideas.

www.velux.ca - Venting Skylight

www.ucsh.com - 416.696.8358 - specialty hardware.

www.FortressRailing.com - aluminum outdoor railing ideas.

www.bermanstairs.com - Berman Stairs Inc. - stairs and railings in wood, steel and glass.

www.CambriaCanada.com or 866-cambria - quality quartz surface offerings globally.

www.AlexandriaMoulding.com - variety of custom millwork in poplar, oak, maple, pine, cherry, walnut MDF, PFJ pine and more.

www.concrobium.com - Concrobium Moisture Grabbers are the next generation of humidity reduction technology for indoor spaces.

www.icerausa.com - quiet and powerful, the Vista II toilet has an updated design with a modern look that is sleek; luxurious comfort; rimless wash system with quiet jets.

www.broan.com - fanning fresh air ventilation fan - keep the air fresh, easy to install.

www.Montigo.com or 800.378.3115 - new outdoor fireplace PL4240 - patented windproof design with glass doors and safety screen, requires no venting and is rated for wood frame construction made with high quality 304 stainless steel, this unit also features two dual blowers providing a curtain of warm air on a cool evening.

www.nuvoiron.com - NUVOIRON or 866.955.0355 - leading provider of iron fence and ornamental accessories in North America.  Whenever your requirement calls for durable, high quality Nuvo Iron fence products, you can count on us to get the job done.

www.walkthroughgaragedoors.com or 888.239.3416 - WalkThru Garage Doors.

www.concrobium.com -  MOLD REMOVAL:  Trust Concrobium products to remove mold quickly and safely with no bleach or other harmful chemicals.  MOISTURE CONTROL:  

Protect your possessions from mold and corrosion with our humidity and moisture control products.  CLEANING TECHNOLOGY:  Superior household cleaning solutions harnessing our innovative sanitizing and antimicrobial power that are ideal for all your high traffic areas.

www.londonecometal.com -  855.838.9393 - affordable metal roofing.

www.Mastergrain.com or 705.527.2983 - Fiberglass entry doors feature authentic wood grain replication.

www.celect.royalbuildingproducts.com - composite siding.

www.cambridgeelevating.com - manufacturing, instalation and maintenance of home elevators.

www.ambientlounge.com or 855.267.1120 - embrace the great outdoors with stunning, lightweight, outdoor furniture by Ambient Lounge.

www.dimplex.com - NEW!  Built-in electric fireboxes available in 30", 36" and 42".

Http://www.osburn-mfg.com - The Osburn line of gas and wood stoves are a hearth-warming combination of elegance and engineering. For superb styling and graceful lines, stop by your Osburn dealer today and see the flame and feel the heat. (416) 744-7206 

Http://www.easyheat.com - East Heat "Warm Tiles" floor warming system adds comfort to ceramic tile and marble tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and entrances. Easily installed directly on plywood. Easy heat warm tiles complements both new construction and renovations. An energy efficient control reduces operating costs and allows for personal adjustment of floor temperature. Easy heat warm tiles is a comfortable add-on to a wide range of budgets. CSA approved. 1-800-794-3766

Http://www.krauseladders.com - PositionEngineering - a high quality system designed for multiple positions and many uses. The MultiMatic is the perfect companion anywhere you need a step up. Easy to move and reposition, it's your best choice to accomplish a multitude of tasks all with one versatile ladder.

Http://www.MapQuest.com - Helpful driving directions!

Http://www.softplan.com - SoftPlan Systems Inc., the building industry's leading manufacturer of RESIDENTIAL DESIGN SOFTWARE, presents SoftPlan for Windows. 1-800-248-0164

Http://www.marleyroof.com - Marley tiles are available in twelve standard colours, in four styles, from flat to the traditional Spanish curved shpae. Custom colours may also be considered. Marley tiles have been manufactured since the 1920s so they are not new, but your home will have a new appearance when a Marley Tile roof covers it. Manufactured in Milton, Ontario. 1-800-268-5094

Http://www.soft-water.com - Join thousands who have overcome the burdens of salt-softening --- forever! Less dry skin, softer and easier to iron clothes, sparkling clean dishes, ... all of this without having to lug heavy bags of salt. K & I Attrell It is easier to keep bathroom fixtures clean and we are now using much less soap, shampoo and detergents. Z & H Gieb 1-800-667-soft

Http://www.thermapan.com - New home building construction is about to change forever ... Introducing the wall - cost effective alternative to framing; quick and easy installation requiring less skilled labour; and many superior benefits to homeowners which means an edge in marketing opportunities. 1-888-737-9255

Http://www.lutron.com - The future is now for home automation systems. The Continental Automated Buildings Association is working to ensure builders consider home automation wiring. It's much easier to wire during construction than to retrofit an existing new home. Lutron's Radio RA provides wireless, whole-house lighting control (via high-frequency radio signals). 1-800-523-9466

Http://www.timelessmaterials.com - Pillars, posts, doors, windows and everything in between. If a piece of the past is what you want, come to where the past lives on timber, masonry, trim, wood, flooring and things. 1-800-609-9633

Http://www.u-line.com - Complimenting Today's Lifestyles. Entertaining has never been easier. U-Line offers the largest selection of undercounter ice makers, refrigerators, combo ice maker/refrigerators, refrigerator/freezers and wine captains...impressively versatile and well-suited for the kitchen, master bedroom suite, great room, rec room, wet bar or the office. 1-800-387-3924

Http://www.movingto.com - Moving information for Canadian destinations and more.

Http://www.elmwoodkitchens.com - Elmwood Kitchens - Since 1973 Elmwood Kitchens and their designers have been providing high quality cabinetry.

Http://www.cmhc.ca - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation

Http://www.willmar.ca - Willmar Windows

Http://www.gov.sk.ca/econdev - Visit Saskatchewan on the web at this site.

Http://www.kitchenaid.com/canada - All about KitchenAid appliances.

Http://www.fallsbrookcentre.ca - Independence - Complete solar power systems for home or cottage.

Http://www.canasa.org - Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA)

Http://www.clearnet.com - Electronic Home Building information.

Http://www.homeautomation.org - The Home Automation Association in Washington, D.C. recently unveiled an expanded web site that features frequently asked consumer questions.

Http://www.en-r-pak.com - The EN-RPAK 200 TS is an economical, dependable source of pure sine wave 115 volt AC and 12 volt DC power. Standard features include solid-state circuitry, 50 watt solar panel and built-in charger.

Http://www.softubcanada.com - Whether for the ultimate in stress reduction, relief of arthritic pain or just good old family fun, Softub has put the enjoyment of a spa within reach of most everyone. Enjoy your Softub indoors or outdoors all year round in any weather. Weighing as little as 50 lbs. (empty). Call 1-800-668-8827 for your nearest dealer.

Http://www.westhomeplanners.com - Home plans or our latest catalogue. 1-800-361-7526

Http://www.weinmaster.com - Home plans or latest catalogue. 1-800-667-2231

Http://www.waterfurnace.com - There's no mystery about it. The waterfurnace geothermal heating, cooling and hot water system - the most efficient heating and cooling system in the world - can do it all with one compact piece of equipment. To find out how a waterfurnace geothermal comfort system will keep you comfortable and to receive a free information package, call 1-800-geo-save.

Http://www.guildcrest.com - Why homebuyers prefer Guildcrest homes. Over 30 floor plans to choose from or custom design your own home. A network of over 40 authorized builders. R-2000 certification available. 1-800-249-1432

Http://www.qualityhomes.on.ca - Quality built homes and cottages. 1-800-265-2648

Http://www.interlog.com/~cag/home.html - Distinctive and custom glass work for your home. Creative art glass, will assist you in creating your own signature piece. (416) 249-8922

Http://www.lites4u.com - Advanced Concepts because quality does matter. Your source for dome lighting. (905)458-5636

Http://www.imagesbyjanus.com - The unique floor plan for any room. The lasting advantages of an image prefinished solid hardwood floor - beauty, warnth, style and value can be easily measured while giving you the freedom to decorate and redecorate for a lifetime without changing your floor covering. Look for the Images line of prefinished hardwood flooring accessories and cleaning products at better flooring supply dealers across the nation. (416) 429-7919

Http://www.polarblox.com - Protect yourself from the roof avalanche. 1-800-298-4328

Http://www.durabond.com - Durex architectural coatings specialized protective coatings for new construction and the restoration industry. 1-877-387-2266

Http://www.myna.com/bamboo - Silkroad bamboo flooring is 27% harder than oak. Bamboo is a plant, not a tree, and is harvested every four to five years - considerably less than the 40 year to 60 years it takes for harvesting of hardwoods. (905) 947-1688

Http://www.wcl.on.ca/~wwallace - Specializing in the design and manufacture of garden furniture and accessories in teak and iroko. 1-800-505-3370

Http://www.magic.com - The world's most advanced window with a vanishing screen. The first window with a hidden roll-away screen. The first casement that operates without a crank. The first window that makes cleaning an easy task. The first window that will never sag. 1-800-387-7421.

Http://www.okewoodsmith.com - Build your next home with the concrete alternative. The patented lite-form concrete wall forming system for commercial and residential use lets you insulate as you form. The large light-weight, pre-assembled forms can reduce on-site labour. The assembly can also be done on site. Both alternatives eliminate hte rmoval, cleaning and storage of tradiitional forms. The Dow rigid insualtion is left in place to provide R-20 insulation for your wall. (519) 262-2924

Http://www.weatherwallsys.com - Weatherwall enclosure and window systems offer windows for florida rooms, sun rooms, patio rooms, screen rooms, windows for existing screen rooms. 1-800-567-5872

Http://www.ventmate.com - The unique product is adjustable to fit most sizes of floor register ducts and cleans the air you breathe. Vent Mate helps remove dust, pollen and airborne contaminants plus it provides an effective barrier against spiders, dust mites, dirt and objects that can fall into your ducts. (905) 830-0761

Http://www.confederationloghomes.com - Build lifestyle by distinction. Be inspired by generations of tradition. All about building a log home. (705) 738-5131

Http://www.bestwaystone.com - High quality paving stones. Best Way Stone (BWS) paving stones offer a durable, high quality means of paving any residential or commercial area, and come in a variety of stone designs and colours to allow for a maximum flexibility on any project. (905) 851-5122

Http://www.cbm.on.ca - Craft-Bilt structural railing. Toughest aluminum rail for the residential market. Snap-tite assembly. No exposed fasteners. Top and bottom rails completely concealed. No gasps. Exclusive colour matched aluminum cover conceals post base and anchors. 1-800-668-6430

Http://www.solatube.com - Solatube is the original tubular skylight, first sold in July 1991 in Australia.

Http://www.doors-windows.com - To shut out life's little unpleasantries, may we recommend an Alterna door? For one thing, it is the only fusion-crafted wood exterior door in the industry. So it has the sturdiness of a solid wood door with the beauty of fine wood grain. Which means it can be confidently slammed closed on occasion. For a brochure on the full line of exterior doors, call 1-800-877-9482, ext. EA3.

Http://www.dayside.ca - Windows of distinction. 1-800-263-3622

Http://www.mls.ca - Shows all real estate for sale on the multiple listing system in Canada.

Http://www.royallighting.com - Royal lighting from floor to ceiling...we've got your style. See what Toronto's top designers are choosing for homes this year. For over 30 years Royal Lighting has provided beautiful styles in over 2000 lighting ideas from their large showroom. (416) 782-1192

Http://www.hartford-con.com - The original, hardwood conservatory. Maximize your profits - upscale clientele, easy 2 person installation, all materials included, ready to assemble, ancillary profits, protected territories avaialble. 1-800-963-8700

Http://www.rumford.com - Crowning beautiful homes throughout the land. Superior Clay chimney tops are functional as they are expressive of our ideas about hte cheer and warmth of the fireside family circle. The chimney is prominent feature of your home, so by making it ornamental we add our own personal touch to the character of the home. Superior Clay Corporation had crafts over forty styles of decorative chimney tops. 1-800-848-6166

Http://www.jacobsgreenhouse.com - The Jaco-Lite glass atrium features: bronze or white enamel finish, tempered safety glass, aluminum structure, automatic roof vents, lifetime warranty and full colour catalogue. (519) 582-2880

Http://www.steels.com - The no. 1 insulated concrete forming system. Home is stronger. Home is longer lasting. Home is quieter. Home is 'climate adjusted'. ECO block delivers R21 to your wall. Saving your money year after year. 1-780-452-4710

Http://www.windowwise.com - Buying new windows is a major investment in your home, and can be a difficult decision to make. In the home improvement industry there are many poorly trained installers, poor quality products, and companies that do not service what they sell. That is why we started Window Wise: a National Certification Program that independently approves and audits the window, the installation, the contractor and unconditionally guarantees your window installation for 5 years. 1-800-813-9616

Http://www.totousa.com - Some days, nature calls a little louder than others. So you need a toilet that will answer every time. TOTO toilets are designed and tested to exceed industry standards for performance. Ensuring you of a more healthy, hygienic and comfortable bathroom. So see your locat TOTO dealer today. Because your eyes should be used to hold beauty, not water. 1-800-350-8686 (ext. 1014)

Http://www.carrier.com - Carrier has been on the cutting edge of indoor weather technology since Willis Carrier first discovered humidity control in 1902. 1-800-4-carrier

Http://www.nrcan.gc.ca - Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency has many publications available online regarding indoor air quality control.

Http://www.hardwoodflooring.com - Timeless elegance, ambiance and warmth. Come visit us Hardwood Floor Center - Toronto's Largest Showroom - (416) 244-2100

Http://www.heatilator.com - Why use an ordinary fireplace when there is so much at steak? In today's market, plans with distinctive details...like a cozy kitchen fireplace...are the secret to success. But if you are going to add a fireplace, make sure it is a genuince HEATILATOR. Heatlilator gas fireplace is clean and energy efficient. Call 1-800-927-6841

Http://www.reals.com - Canadian Real Estate Directory.

Http://www.normerica.com - Now you can buy directly from Canada's leading engineer and manufacturer of Post & Beam Home packages. 1-800-361-7449

Http://www.emcoltd.com/emcobp - Emco Limited Building Products. HARMONY A roof is to a home what a hat is to a person. True, it provides shelter from the elements. But it also says something about its owner. In short, it conveys personality. Until now, the price of personality went right through the roof. Not anymore. Finally, there's a designer shingle that will not cost you a bundle. 1-800-567-2726

Http://www.bramptonbrick.com - At Brampton Brick, we're celebrating our 50th anniversay of manufacturing genuine burned clay bricks for the Canadian market. And since the demand for our products keeps growing, we're expanding our plant to significantly increase our production capapcity. Think of it as our way of thanking you for the last fifty years, and planning our perfect partnership together for the future. You made the right choice.

Http://www.luxurybath.com - Selling a bathroom has never been so easy. Luxury bath systems manufactures and distributes custom acrylic bath systems for all your remodeling needs. Tub to shower conversion, accessible shower any size or style, shower pans and walls for your retrofit needs, acrylic soaker and whirlpool tubs, and all systems color coordinated. 1-800-354-2284

Http://www.shadoetrack.com - 1-800-shadoe2 (742-3632) Shadoe Track is not the only way to build a deck but possible the best.

Http://www.anvilwroughtiron.com - Anvil Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturers of quality handcrafted ironwork: coffee, dining room and end tables, chairs, bakers' and wine racks, garden/patio furniture, fireside accessories, heater circulators and glass fireplace doors and inserts.

Http://www.spiralstairpeople.com - Spiral Stair People We specialize in metal or combination of metal and wood spiral stair kits, which are affordable to buy and easy to install. Add elegance to your home or cottage. Ideal for lofts, decks and single or multiple floor access. (Stair kits available for shipping across Canada.) 1-800-707-0805

Http://www.weatherdek.com - Weatherdek waterproof walking surfaces. When you say "hello" to Weatherdek waterproof surface, you can say goodbye to the high maintenance of your old wood decking. Our attractive waterproof membranes make valuable friends for your deck, patio, or balcony. They are easy to clean and available in a variety of colours and styles. Good friends are hard to come by so say hello to Weatherdek. A great friend you can depend on! 1-800-667-2596

Http://www.mercierdurable.com - Mercier - The Master Finisher" You don't buy flooring for the sake of appearance, but for everyday use. This is why Mercier's Ceramilust finish is so incredibly abrasion resistant. Ceramilust even withstands strong rubbing with steel wool. Mercier offers the only flooring with a luster that lasts...and lasts...and lasts. 1-800-354-3195

Http://www.doorcraftdoors.com - DoorCraft Solid Core Doors. Durability. Beauty. And Peace of Mind. Thanks to DoorCraft doors, parents and kids can now peacefully coexist. That's because these doors are available with an optional sound resistant solid core. Since they're backed by a 5-year warranty, your room will look (and sound) great for a long time. For a brochure or a dealer near you, call 1-800-877-9482, ext. DC1.

Http://www.kenttruss.com - Performance Joist Introducing the all new KPJ2. Combining the strength of steel with the versatility of wood. Open web design with adjustable ends. Joists of higher power. 1-800-461-9616

Http://www.systemplaton.com - Platon Foundation Protector for a dry healthy basement. Floor Protector underlay for floors on concrete. Blue Platon provides triple strength relief for common concrete floor covering problems. 1-800-265-7622

Http://www.biowash.com - Natural deck oil. The one day deck -- start and finish your project the same day. 1-800-663-9274

Http://www.itsgreatstuff.com - Fill'er up! Fills holes, gaps, cracks, spaces and places for a more comfortable home. 1-800-800-3626

Http://www.steeltile.com - Steel tile metalroofing systems are fast and easy installation, custom cut full length panels up to 40 ft. installed directly over existing roofing in three styles and 12 colors to choose from made from 26 gauge galvanized steel available in 2 coatings: Kynar 500 and PVC. 1-800-461-5567

Http://www.pentox.com - Pentox wood preservative stays on the wood, so you can stay on your lake.

  Http://www.saunacore.com - Saunacore advanced engineering and world class innovation. For all of your sauna, sauna heater and steambath generator needs. 1-800-361-9485

    Http://www.hometech.com - Hometech Enviromental Ltd. 5-stage reverse osmosis systems removes dirt, sand and other physical particles. Reduces organical chemicals. 93-95% of dissolved mineral salts, bad taste and odour. The highest quality of drinking water. 1-888-499-3336

    Http://www.gardenersweb.com - Alberta Nurseries & Seeds Ltd. Bowden, Alberta Helping Canadians bring gardens alive. (403) 224-3544

    Http://www.pollardwindows.com - At Pollard Windows, we've been designing and building windows and doors for over 50 years. Our latest creation is the Liberty Collection, a full line of vinyl clad wood windows that combine a durable, low maintenance exterior with the character and natural beauty of a solid oak, pine or maple interior. Look into the Liberty Collection today, you'll enhance your home and enrich your life. 1-800-263-6616

    Http://www.rolltecawnings.com - Rolltec Awnings Rolling Systems Ltd. - International Outstanding Achievement Award Winner. The finest and most innovative retractable awning for patios or decks manufactured in North America. Excellent UV protection. Hundreds of designer colours to choose from. 1-800-667-0474

    Http://www.classicgutters.com - Classic Gutter Systems for all your half-round needs heavy-duty copper and aluminum up to 26' shipped by direct cast fascia. (616) 382-2700

    Http://www.risistone.com - Risistone Retaining Wall Sytstems 1-800-626-9255

    Http://www.cssbi.ca/info - Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute Steel protects what's important to you. Steel roofing & cladding. Looks better, lasts longer.

    Http://www.alba.com - LBA STONE PRODUCTS ... since 1962. Calcite Brick & Stone The largest selection of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Pure White Calcite Stone Excellect Resistance to environmental conditions. 1-800-267-2522

    Http://www.canadaspecialty.com - Canada Specialty Products (GAF) 1-888-749-777 Carriage House (lifetime warranty) Independence 'Shangle" (40 year warranty) Slateline (40 year warranty) Timberline (30 to 40 year warranty) B.C. Red Cedar (full line of BC red cedar shingle and shakes in all grades and sizes.

    Http://www.deckrite.com - DECKRITE EXTERIOR FLOORING. THE RITE STUFF. 1-888-450-deck DeckRite exterior vinyl flooiring is the Rite Stuff for residential and commercial decks, patios, balconies, exterior walkways, and boat docks. DeckRite dresses up virtually any walking surface, but its beauty is more than just skin deep. It's durable, slip-resistant, and easy to install. It resists mildew, ultraviolet rays, and most household chemicals. And it's easy to maintain.

    Http://www.arriscraft.com - ARRISCRAFT INTERNATIONAL (stone, limestone, marble & brick) 1-800-265-8123 It's not just another building you've been contracted to build. This somebody's dream home and they are expecting the best - Arriscraft stone. For over 50 years Arriscraft has produced only the best in stonework.

    Http://www.royalscape.com - ROYAL SCAPE Landscape Design & Construction since 1978. Royal Scape Custom Landscaping Inc. is professional custome landscaping design and construction company established in 1988. For over 22 years, owner/operator, Peter Morin, has been in the landscaping industry. We are proud to offer our clients Aquascape's Ecosystem "Advanced Water Gardening" system when installing any custom designed pond or water feature to enhance both pool and yard. 1-866-299-2199

    Http://www.covertechfab.com - Safe-N-Secure safety cover. Aesthetically pleasing custom fitted to your pool. Replaces conventional winter cover and bags. Keeps your pool clean while protecting from accidental intrusions. 1-800-837-8961

    Http://www.coverpools.com - Cover your pool for safety and more. Whether you choose our Save-T Cover II automatic pool cover system, or the Step-Saver manual reel system, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality Save-T pool cover available on the market. A Save-T pool cover from Cover-Pools is convenient and easy enough for every day use, year-round. Cover your pool in less than a minute. 1-800-447-2838

    Http://www.summerwood.com - Summerwood Products Unique, expertly crafted, ready-to-assemble structures delivered to your door. Garden Sheds, Pool Cabanas, Gazebos 1-800-663-5042 ex. 63

    Http://www.prattandlambert.com - Pratt & Lambert Paints. Superior quality for more than 150 years.

    Http://www.bruce.com - Bruce hardwood floors. Everyday low prices. 1-800-722-4647

    Http://www.vermontcastings.com - 1-800-22stove to request a free catalogue. Fireplaces and stoves.

    Http://www.thermobrick.com - Insulated Real Brick Cladding Easy year-round installation. With Thermo Brick you install real clay brick slices, polyurethane insulation and plywood sheeting all in one step. Thermo Brick is installed in one simple operated by any semi-skilled worker. 1-800-361-0069

    Http://www.anvilwroughtiron.com - ANVIL Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturers of quality handcrafted ironwork: dining tables and chairs, occasional tables, bar stools, bakers, racks, patio furniture, fireplace doors and accessories. 1-905-795-8101

    Http://www.castercomm.com - COMPACT THEATRE The RBH Compact Theater speaker system fits easily into small areas while delivering monstrous sound, the company says. The speakers, available in black or white, can be discretely placed so home decor is not compromised.

    Http://www.sim2selecousa.com - HOME THEATRE PROJECTORS Powerful and fully compatible with a range of multimedia sources, yet small, light and stylish, the new projector from SIM2 Seleco offers a sophisticated design to complement any decor. It has been designed with dual resolution modes to let consumers optimize their viewing preferences.

    Http://www.timberlite.com - CUSTOM WOOD DOORS Traditional craftsmanship and strict attention to quality makes Timberlite custom designed doors a beautiful addition to any home. The solid wood, European-style doors are custom made to individual specifications. 1-705-488-9933

    Http://www.vintageflooring.com - WOOD FOR ANY DECOR Vintage Prefinished Hardwood Flooring is available in a variety of woods, including Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple and jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and a range of grades, widths, colours and borders. It has nine protective coats and comes with 25 year residential warranty.

    Http://www.normerica.com - Authetic 'Upper Canada' Post & Beam Homes. Beautifully exposed Canadian white pine posts and beams united by dovetail and mortise and tenon joints. Authetic Post & Beam home information. 1-800-361-7449

    Http://www.bilco.com - Bilco Canada Better Living Basements - pre-cast basement access systems. (519) 659-7331.

    Http://www.hydropoolspas.com - Make every day a vacation ... with quality self-cleaning hot tubs and swim-in-place mini pools from Hydropool! 1-800-465-2933

    Http://www.rainbowplay.com - Backyard Adventures Playgrounds by Rainbow Patio Furniture 1-800-rainbow

    Http://www.iko.com - IKO fibreglass asphalt shingles. IKO manufactures a full line of asphalt shingles, including the lighter-weight fibreglass base, in architectural, designer and traditional styles. Fibreglass base means a class "A" fire-resistance rating, and more design possibilities. (800)361-5836

    Http://www.chickasawflooring.com - CHICKASAW Chickasaw Classic Oak Hardwood Floors The natural beauty of solid wood enhances every state of life ... is a natural insulation and warm underfoot. (800) 346-3010

    Http://www.cmhc.ca - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (866) 822-8719

    Http://www.ka-international.com - KA International Pillows, sofa beds, fabrics, wing back chairs, sofas, loveseats, arm chairs, ottomans, window treatments, etc.

    Http://www.colonialpillars.com - Colonial Pillars Inc. (905) 664-6373

    Http://www.strawhome.homestead.com - Straw Bale Building: By Peter Mack & Chris Magwood, New Society Publishers, 1-800-567-6772 www.newsociety.com - Camel's Back Construction: Mado, Ontario

    Http://www.pgflooring.com - 1-800-636-6335 Model Hardwood Inc.

    Http://www.crownverity.com - (519) 751-1800 Crown Verity charbroilers and accessories are like nothing else. They offer the discriminating cook every advantage, including 18 gauge, commerical grade 304#4 stainless steel throughout.

    Http://www.nexwoodnw.com - 1-888-763-9966 Nexwood Building Evolution for decks, fences, railings, and accessories. Low maintenance decking - no sanding, staining or painting. No warping or splinters. No rotting. Ideal for use in balconies and second floor decks. When installed properly, a tight joint between deck boards creates a semi-dry shelter. Hidden screws offer an attractive fastner-free surface. Easy installation. Available in different colors.

    Http://napoleongrills.com - Napoleon barbeque grills. (705) 726-4278 Quality gas grills.

    Http://www.broilkingbbq.com - 1-800-265-2150 Broil King barbeques.

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    Http://www.antiquewoods.com - 1-800-719-9051 West Lincoln Barnboard and Beams Ltd. - Antique lumber specialists. Antique wide plank flooring in pine, hemlock, heart pine, ash, elm, maple, beech, oak and chestnut. Original reclaimed antique boards, weathered barnboard, planks and hand-hewed beams. Supply of antique beams for log homes.

    Http://www.globaldecking.com - (604) 530-0050 Global Dec-k-ing systems. 15 year life expectancy. (306) 781-4342 - Bob at Pilot Butte

    Http://www.springhouseshingles.com - Springhouse metal roofing. Andex Metal Products Ltd., (519) 235-2901.

    Http://www.idealroofing.com - Heritage series steel roof panel, we make a 16 in. wide panel just perfect for smaller buildings. Easier to install, our Heritage Series factory-rollformed 20.25 in. and 16 in. wide panels, coated with our advanced 10,000 series paint system with Kynar 500 resin, now give all buildings the same superior architectural look! Ideal Roofing (800) 267-0860

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    Http://www.kudaimports.com - Ku-da Ocean Stones - Ocean stone mosaic tiles are the latest product innovation from Kuda Furniture and Homewares. The stones are gathered from various Indonesian beaches, the tiles are carefully laid out and hand crafted on a 12" x 12" mesh backing. Kuda's ocean stone mosaics are ideal not only for meandering garden paths and poolside walkways, but are also perfect for backsplashes, counter tops and shower walls, basement floors or use your imagination for any special project. (416) 463-4805

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    Http://www.canadianloghomesupply.com - Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. Quality log home suppliers (retail & wholesale)

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    Http://www.novik.com - Novik Inc. offers a wide variety of speciality polymer siding products that reproduce the authenticity of natural wood, brick or stone. They all feature: durability, ease of installation, low maintenance and have a limited lifetime warranty. The products are offered in a wide variety of rich colors that stay true year after year for long lasting beauty. (also available in polymer columns, shutters, gable vents, mounting blocks and roof vents) 418-651-8057

    Http://www.realestate.bellingham.net - BELLINGHAM, Washington State, USA - buying and selling real estate - 1-866-235-1703


    Http://www.crystalwatersspas.com - Since 1987, the Crystal Waters way of designing spas has been "Quality through Simplicity". This concept allows us to focus on building a truly great spa that is easy to maintain and provides you with the ultimate in hydrotherapy benefits.

    Http://www.royallighting.com - Toronto's best selection - royal Lighting, 1549 Avenue Road (416) 782-1129

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    Http://www.sunbritedrapery.com - Sun-Brite Drapery - distributors of all brand name blinds and manufacturer of custom drapery. (416) 741-9430

    Http://www.tilanofresco.com - Tilano Fresco - Transfer your pictures on to coasters. 1-866-877-4031

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  Http://www.buschegranite.com - Busche Granite countertops and interiors. (905) 634-2218

Http://www.stacaro.com - Stacaro Home Interiors (416) 367-5959

Http://www.nawkaw.com - Want to change the colour of your brick house? (905) 542-7893

Http://www.globalhouseplans.ca - Over 2200 Canadian House Plans 1-800-645-1477

Http://www.oldstones.ca - The look and feel of stone at a fraction of the cost. Oldstones Canada Inc. 1-866-657-6606

Http://www.thefireplaceshop.com - The Fireplace Shop Ltd. 1-800-210-9885 (over 32 years of experience and services)

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Http://www.mrbilliard.com - Mr. Billiard - for all your billiard and game needs. 1-800-661-0106

Http://www.goarctic.com - Arctic Spas - 1-877-777-1577

Http://www.madawaska-doors.com - Madawaska Doors Inc. 1-800-483-2358

Http://www.giantcarpet.com - Giant Carpet Flooring 1-800-268-5132

Http://www.waterfurnace.ca - Waterfurnace 1-800-665-3336

Http://www.quickstyle.com - Quickstyle - Floating radiant heat designed specifically for floating laminate floors. Can also be used with other hard surface flooring like tile and wood. Much easier to install than most other systems, no need to bury components in thick concrete. 1-877-567-8953

Http://valorfireplaces.com - Valor Firepalces - radian heat fireplaces. Eact unit includes a ValorStat wireless control to provide you with the comfort and convenience that you deserve.

Http://www.viessmann.ca - Viessmann Heating - Ideal boiler technology for your radiant floor heating system.

Http://www.vintageflooring.com - Vintage Flooring - 1-877-256-0231

Http://www.realestateagentnames.com - link to real estate worldwide

Http://www.jm.com - Easyfit. Vertically perforated JM fiber glass insulation means less cutting for a quicker and easier install. 1-800-661-9553

Http://www.tyvek.com - DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap insulation. 1-800-44-tyvek

Http://www.kromerradio.com - The art of home theatre. (416) 920-6700

Http://www.permacon.com - Permacon products (stone, bricks, pavers, walls, slabs, curbs). 1-888-permacon.

Http://www.shouldice.ca - Shouldice Designer Stone 1-800-265-3174

Http://www.Nailite.com - Nailite International - Nailite siding is virtually selling itself. Nailite's replica cedar siding has the look of real wood without the costly maintenance.

Http://www.atlasblock.com - Atlas Block Co. Limited - Century stone available in brick and stone. 1-800-665-0888

Http://www.nrcan.gc.ca - Energuide for Homes - 1800-387-2000 or energuide@energuideforhouses.gc.ca Homeowners purchase this service with three primary goals in mind: to reduce home heating costs; to improve home comfort and to receive unbiased expert advice about energy efficiency retrofits as a part of the retrofit-planning process.

Http://www.kudosfurnishing.com - Kodos Home & Design - Tempur-pedic matress. 1-866-344-5944

Http://www.fim-umbrella.com - Fim unbrellas - 1-888-551-5221

Http://www.sansin.com - SANSIN offers a range of environmentally-friendly wood coatings, chinkings and sealants designed to protect the natural beauty of your log home. New Timber-Tec chinking and sealant are engineered to handle nearly three times the log joint movement of competitive products. Sansin Classic is penetrating stain specially formulated to let your wood breathe while protecting it with a durable, weather resistant shield. Your log home is your pride and joy -- it deserves the naturally perfect protection of Sansin. 1-877-sansin-1.

Http://www.euroslate.ca - There's a new product leaving tread marks all over the roofs in Calgary and around the world. Made almost entirely of recycled tires, EuroSlate, a new roofing product from Calgary-based GEM Inc. is not only taking the building industry by storm, it's also resisting storms. (403) 215-3333.

Http://www.globaldecking.com - Global decking is maintenance free, easy to install, durable, embossed for traction, supports rooftop gardens, mildw and salt resistant, class A & C fire rating and has a rapidly growing market. 1-800-804-6288

Http://www.linwoodhomes.com - Linwood Custom Homes - 1-888-546-9663

Http://www.thomaslightingcanada.com - Thomas Lighting Canada - perfect lighting must not only complement your furnishings, but your style.

Http://www.splashtubs.com - Splashtubs are a portable tub which goes where you go anytime, anywhere. 1-800-92-splash.

Http://www.fujitsu.com - Fujitsu split type air conditioners. The indoor air handling unit of a ductless mini-split air conditioner is designed to be mounted up high on a wall, just where you want cooling action to be concentrated. Models are available in various outputs, with both 115 and 230 volt electrics. Ductless, mini-split air conditioning systems separate the compressor unit from the cool-air delivery equipment. Though they cost more than other types of air conditioners, mini-splits provide better cooling action in homes without ducts, and they do it with lower energy consumption.

Http://www.vinylwindowdesigns.com - Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. - Whether your building your "dream home" or remodeling your existing "castle", you deserve the peace of mnd that comes ith new PVC windows from the respected industry leader! 1-800-668-4820

Http://www.shadowtrack.com - Shadoe Track the under deck fastening system. 1-800-shadoe2 (742-3632)

Http://www.madawaska-doors.com - Madawaska Doors Inc. - "Any size, any design, any wood, anytime" 1-800-263-2358

Http://www.disappearingwallbeds.com - Disappearing Wall Beds - 1-800-249-6188

Http://www.yoursolarhome.com - Solar Air Heating & Ventilation - renewalbe air heating for home and business; modular construction; energy efficiient air heating & ventilation; systems from 1.5 kW to 150 kW. 1-866-556-5504

Http://www.leevalley.com - Give the rolling composter from Lee Valley Tools a spin every few days, the company says, and high-quality compost will result in as little as four weeks. The barrel spins on a wheeled base, and a hatch on the side opens to add scraps and to remove the finished compost. The product is made from recycled plastic and measures 26" x 20", allowing it to hold six cubic feet of material.

Http://www.bernzomatic.com - Bernzomatic's outdoor patio heater (model 2271B) evenly distributes heat along the entire unit body -- not just the head, like conventional units, the company says. An oxygen depletion censor enhances safety by extinguishing the pilot and flame before oxygen falls to a low level. Gas shuts off if the flame extinguishes, and a shut-off mechanism activates if the unit is tilted 30 degrees or more. It is designed to heat a 24 foot area with 37,500 BTU output. The product is six fee tall, weighs 87 pounds and comes fully assembled.

Http://www.rimbathroomproducts.com - Rim Bathroom Products, 34 Geneva Street, St. Catherines, Ontario L2R 4M4 1-905-685-6557 or 1-888-539-6666 or fax: 1-905-984-3273

Http://www.closetswithouthusbands.com - www.rubbermaidcloset.com

Http://www.steam-sauna.com - Steam Sauna 1-800-387-0309

Http://www.foottube.com - The Footing Tube Frost moving your deck, addition or cottage? Be protected ... shift happens!!! Concrete pier forms easily installed in any soil and weather condition. 1-888-929-2011 Do it once! Do it right!

Http://www.shaklee.ca - Breathe Easy About Indoor Air -- AirSource by Shaklee - portable, filterless systems that us revolutionary technology to clean up to 3,000 square feet of air in your home or cottage - even your vehicle. (control odours, reduce airborne particles, easy to maintain, quite. 1-800-263-9138

Http://www.powertogo.ca - Generators: backup and prime power for home, cottage or business. 1-888-810-4709

Http://www.rubinspaint.com - Rubin's Paint - odourless paints - 6000 colors to chose from. 1-613-521-3636

Http://www.ucchair.com - UC Chair since 1984 - Custommade solid wood furniture. 1-905-474-0729

Http://www.botehrugs.com - Boteh Rugs - 1-416-635-7553 For years we have imported the finest handknotted and machine-made carpets from all over the world. We buy directly from the source to ensure quality and selection, and with no middlemen mark-ups.

Http://www.nelson-homes.com - Modular home plans ready to put together.

Http://www.fabprefab.com - Prefab homes.

Http://www.lowquotes.com - Looking for a loan.

Http://www.retire-4-life.com - Very informative site for retirement planning, etc.

- Shell Busey's House Smart website for all sorts of information on home improvements. www.housesmartcentre.com

Http://www.wood-country.com - Ready to Move Houses (RTM's) at MacLean, Saskatchewan. (306) 699-7284

Http://www.torontogreathomes.com - ALL ABOUT BUYING AND SELLING HOMES IN ONTARIO, GTA, TORONTO by Family Team - Top buyer and seller agents Anna Falileeva and Alex Malkhassiants. Huge listing database, free online mls listings search, free listing notification, free home evaluation and free mortgage calculators. Information about mortgages, tips for buyers and sellers. Anna & Alex Malkhassiants amalkhass@rogers.com

Http://www.LasVegasWebOfHomes.com - Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Jamie Alez (702) 953-9308

- Melrose Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Http://www.artfactory.com - Fine, Handcrafted Custom Furnishings (doors, gates, hardware, furniture, lighting) 1-800-292-0008

Http://www.tocl.ca - Turn of the Century Lighting

Http://www.generationpv.com - Generation PV Canada's Renewable Energy Solutions Provider (solar power * wind power * solar water heating) Enjoy the conveniences of modern living, no matter where you are. Capture the power of natural and renewable resources and create clean and reliable electricity and heat water quietly and efficiently. 1-800-311-4286

Http://www.btsd-inc.com - Screen Porch Enclosure System - 1-877-287-3667

Http://www.powertogo.ca - Generators - 1-888-810-4709

Http://www.rubinspaint.com - Rubin's Paint - odourless paints - 6000 colours - quality varnish (interior and exterior) - varnish brushes - specialty waxes - finest quality - 1-613-521-3636

Http://www.windowwise.com - WINDOW WISE - When you're buying new windows, make sure you're window wise. 1-800-813-9616

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Http://www.cyclovac.com - CYCLOVAC - Condo, loft, home or cottage, Cyclo Vac has the ideal central vacuum for your home: quiet with all the power you'll need! Designed for today's lifestyles ... 1-800-665-2500

Http://www.ouellet.com - OUELLET Floor Heating System

Http://www.katesco.com - KATES CO - The Urban Loft Store - 1-877-go.kates - Introducing an advanced concept in convertible sleep systems by Kates & Co.

Http://www.finitec-inc.com - Soundproof your floor - thermo-acoustic membranes for wood floors, ceramic tiles and floating floors (with vapor barrier). * enjoy the sound of silence * provides heat reflection * easy installation * perfect for condos * renovation or construction. - 1-888-838-4449

Http://www.ekornes.com - EKORNES (chair systems) 1-888-ekornes Comfort is a state of being. The moset desirable of situations. Everyone's sense of comfort is different. These chairs uniquely provide comfort for all. The stressless glide system keeps your body in perfect balance. The plus system provides optimum head and lumbar support in any position.

Http://www.logsend.com - Logs End Inc. - River recovered logs made into historic wide plank flooring. (613) 738-7851

Http://www.fendock.com - standard docks * dock accessories * swim rafts * boat lifts * lightweight aluminum * easy installation * 1-800-336-3625

Http://www.woodmill.ca - The Wood mill - outdoor/indoor custom furniture (bunkies, gazebos, swings, gliders, cottage accents) woodmill@muskoka.com 705-687-5959

Http://www.oxfordgarden.com - Oxford Garden Accessories - 1-877-866-3331

Http://www.benabec.com - Benabec Architectural Products (designers and manufacturers of quality cast stone elements) (519) 624-0766

Http://www.relax-a-mist.com - Leisure Baths Ltd. - 1-604-437-4717 or 1-800-987-8326 Quality bath equipment: an affordable way to pamper yourself, relaxes your body, soothes tired muscles and eases nervours tension, relieves the aches and pains ot arthritis, rheumatism and muscle strains. A simple addition to your exisitng shower will increase the resale value fo your home.

Http://www.dockmaster.ca - Dockmaster - aluminum dock kits - aluminum dock kits, do-it-yourself deck panels, light weight sectional frames, removable deck panels, -- complete packages. 1-866-301-3625

Http://www.pinnaclestove.com - Pinnacle Stove Sales - 1-866-967-9777 - An outstanding water heater!! Model PB-150 operates under the same principles as any other boiler, but it is wood pellet or corn fired.

Http://www.dryerbox.com - The dryerbox - saves space, saves energy, reduces fire hazard. 1-888-443-7937

Http://www.getbibs.com - Blow-in-blanket - the world's premier dry insulation system. custom-fitted, highest r-value in the industry, lower air infiltration than conventional insulation, excellent sound control, no moisture added and saves time and money. 1-800-525-8992

Http://www.gppatio.com - Outdoor Living Mae Easy: Experience a level of comfort never felt before with outdoor furniture. (905) 709-1162

Http://www.wideplankflooring.ca - Buy direct & save. Traditional wide plan flooring in long lengths -- hard & soft woods. 1-866-749-5559.

Http://www.dendocks.com - The ultimate dock! 1-866-383-7001

www.supremehomes.com - Supreme Homes - manufacturing modular buildings since 1995. 1-800-561-8066.

Http://www.dldroofing.com - Dura-Loc Metal Roof Systems - 50 yr transferable warranty * maintenance free * strong yet light weight * professional installation * fire, hail and wind warranted * self venting, energy wise * excellent insulation * permanent lasting value * affordable payment plan.

Http://www.salcopatio.com - Salco Patio & Leisure - Outdoor/indoor wicker furniture. 1-905-475-8353.

Http://www.aqualinevinylsales.com - Time to re-deck-orate? Aqualine Vinyl Decks. Providing homeowners with premium sundecking and roofing grae vinyls since 1972. Aqualine PVC membranes are cost effective, waterproof, durable, attractive and easily maintained. 1-604-574-0222.

Http://www.enviroshake.com - Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing 1-866-423-3302.

Http://www.furnituremedic.com - Furniture Medic - furniture repair & restoration. * repair scratches, nicks, gouges, burns and water marks * restore or refinish furniture, antiques and kitchen cabinets. 1-800-263-5928.

Http://www.capelrugs.ca - CAPEL RUGS - 1-800-363-rugs

Http://www.connectadock.com - Connected to some of the finest cottages - Connect-a-Dock - Blair Agencies Ltd. - 506-387-7182.

Http://www.mtacaledon.com - MTA Caledon Enterprises Inc. - Polyurethane rustic beams - 1-800-929-8345

Http://www.hillsidelift.com - Canadian Hillside Lift Inc. - residential elevators for oudoor inclines. 1-800-568-0037.

Http://www.windmillandscapes.com - Windmill Landscapes - 1-519-846-2345 - * custom-built sheds and gazebos * custom woodworking * lawn furniture * lawn ornaments * cupolas * weather vanes * vinyl fencing * decks & railings * patio slabs.

Http://www.stjacobsfurnishings.ca - Solid wood furniture crafted by the area's best builiders in styles inspired from such noble traditions as Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Mennonite and Country, then hand-finished by SJF Co. (519) 747-1832

Http://www.silcastnorthamerica.com - "Bringing antiquities from the old world to the new" 1-866-328-3329

Http://www.dryvit.ca - DRYVIT SYSTEMS CANADA The choice of cladding for your home shouldn't be one. Get informed and then choose Dryvit Exterior wall systems, the most trusted exterior insulation and finish systems in North America. 1-800-263-3308

Http://www.kleerlee.com - Dutch Glass Design: Kleerlee clearly the better choice. Handcrafted in the Netherlands. 1-416-907-4529

Http://www.mansfieldplumbing.com - Mansfield performance for a lifetime. Born of independent thinking and great lineage, Maverick high performance toilets from Mansfield provide exceptional flushing power for a clean wash and complete flush every time. Whether residential or commercial installation, Mansfield gives you maximum style, maximum performance and maximum reliabitlity. 1-877-850-3060

Http://www.amvicsystem.com - AMVIC Building System - leading the ICF revolution. New AMDeck Floor and roof systems. From the floor up, Amvic is perfecting the building envelope by complementing Amvic insulated concrete forms (ICF) with the new AmDeck floor and roof system. AmDeck is a modular, lightweight, stay-in-place form made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for the construction of concrete floors and roofs. The system utilizes 10 inch, lightweight steel framing studs which carry temporary construction loads and act as furring strips for interior finishing. 1-877-470-9991

Http://www.grkfasteners.com - Caliburn Concrete Screws - professionaly engineered.

Http://www.bilco.com - The ultra series basement door. 1-519-659-7331

Http://www.seabridgebathing.com - The classic walk-in bath from Seabridge Bathing Ltd. features a door designed to eliminate safety concerns associated with bathing in the home. The door offers ease of transfer in and out of the bath, eliminating the task of lowering and raising oneself from the bottom of the bath. Access to controls such as the bath tap and hand-held shower are within easy reach of the bather.

Http://www.optomausa.com - Custom big screen Optoma Technology introduces BigVizion, a line of customizable and modular rear projection displays that can either be installed as a stand alone or built in to a wall. The product uses a single-mirror system with Texas Instruments' DLP chipset. The in-wall custom 100-inch, 1080p HDTV monitor requires only 30 inches of depth. It is also offered in 80 and 90 inch sizes. The frame colour can be changed to match the user's decor.

Http://www.defoggers.ca - Our process removes moisture from between the panes of insulating glass. Where it once was foggy -- it will be dry!

Http://www.srihomes.com - SRI Homes Inc. * Regent Home Systems * Winfield Home Systems * Park Model Homes * Shelter Home Systems * Commercial Buildings * Cape Cod Assembly

Http://greatertorontoproperties.ca - Selling real estate in Toronto and area.

Http://stjacobsfurnishings.ca - ST. JACOBS FURNISHINGS - Solid wood furniture crafted by the area's best builders in styles inspeired from such noble traditions as Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Mennonite & Country, then hand-finished by SJF Co. Waterloo, Ontario 519-747-1832

Http://www.silcastnorthamerica.com - Bringing antiquities from the old world to the new. Enhance the Beauty of your interior and exterior landscape. Silcast, Inc., Toronto, ON 866-328-3329

Http://www.caromausa.com - Caroma - 1-800-605-4218 - The remarkable, Caroma Royale 270, 6/3 litre two-button dual flush system with a full 4 inch trapway which virtually eliminates blockage is the latest development in Caroma's research and technological advancement and a world first. With an average flush volume equivalent to less than 4 liters, it is set to become the global standard for water usage.

Http://www.mysoninc.com - More than just a radiator. Myson ...... luxurious styles and sizes to heat your room and your towels. * over 200 models in hydronic and electric * 1200 custom colors * up to 4178 BTU/hour * up to 700 watts * 5-year warranty. 1-800-698-9690

Http://www.northyorktile.ca - NORTH YORK TILE CONTRACTORS LTD. - 905-660-7684

Http://www.supremehomes.ca - Supreme Homes - manufacturing modular buildings since 1995. 1-800-561-8066

Http://www.permacrete.ca - PERMA CRETE - guaranteed solutions to leaky basements (residential, commercial, industrial). Crack injection repairs are done from the inside ....all season repairs and no costly excavating necessary! (306) 536-8226

Http://www.enviroharvest.ca - Helping Canadians harvest nature's energy. * solar voltaic * solar hot water * wind turbine * wind towers * gas & diesel generators * congeneration * inverters * batteries * 1-888-810-4709

Http://www.windows-doors-bonneville.com - Bonneville Windows & Doors

Http://www.pinnaclestove.com - Pinnacle Stove Sales - Quesnel, BC - 1-866-967-9777 - Model PB-150 water heater operates under the same principles as any other boiler, but it is wood pellet or corn fired. Whether you are replacing an old system, starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, this boiler is the one for you.

Http://www.suntouch.net - Cold floors? Step onto a SunTouch heated floor and take the chill out.

Http://www.cufca.ca - The only insulation that helps you sleep better at night! Sprayed polyurethane foam is one of the best insulation/air sealing products for the residential market. THe application of this superior product requires highly trained and professional contractors. The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA) provides the only independent 3rd party, time-tested quality assurance program in the industry. Make sure your spray contractor is CUFCA licensed! To find a licensed spray contractor look-up service at www.cufca.ca.

Http://www.leviton.com - Leviton - Save energy! Save money with Leviton timers!

Http://www.cabico.com - CABICO - All custom cabinetry is not created equal. Cuisine Cabico has set the standard for Canadain craftsmanship, distinctive design, and unsurpassed value for nearly 20 years. BEAUTIFUL * FUNCTIONAL * INSPIRED 1-819-849-7969

Http://www.roofersworld.com - The solution to all your eave ice problems. D-ice edge is an absolutely worry-free, cost-effective, eave protection system (the premium heated drip edge system) D-Ice Edge is the easiest product to install available on the market. It takes just a few hours to install with only a hammer. No cutting, no fasteners or clips, and it becomes the completely hidden on the roof line. Say goodbye to clogged gutters forever! Leaf Defier gutter protection system -- the most reliable and cost effective gutter protection system in the world. (zero maintenance, worry free, proven technology, easily installs in minutes, 48 hours from distributor to consumer) 1-800-352-6147

Http://www.taunton.com - Tiling: planning, layout and installation.

Http://www.gibbs-smith.com - Extraordinary interiors: decorating with architectural salvage and antiques. Several homes with salvaged materials in their decor are showcased, often with new uses for the discarded materials.

Http://www.roth-canada.com - ROTH Advanced Technology, Total Comfort. The Roth "ultimate comfort zone" (registered) hydronic heating system maximizes the distribution of heat according to zone priorty so you use energy where you need it, when you need it. Plus, it's easy to install under any exisitng floor or siding. It's economical, environmentally-friendly and more comfortable than aything you've experienced. 1-800-969-roth

Http://www.madawaska-doors.com - Madawaska Doors Inc. - (any size, any design any wood, any time) 1-800-263-2358

Http://www.torlys.com - Torlys Laminate Flooring

Http://www.neosetcanada.com - Neoset Furniture - furniture of contemporary design and superior quality. Our designers work with you customizing your unit to suit your space and lifestyle.

Http://www.arrowsheds.com - Space maker storage buildings.

Http://www.inhaus-style.ca - The perfect floor must not only complement your furnishings but your lifestyle... laminate floor solutions. Inhaus Flooring

Http://www.basementsystems.com - Basement and crawl space specialists.

Http://www.ehow.com - Web site that provides step-by-stp how-to information for thousands of common projects, from how to replace a leaky faucet to how to plan a dinner party.

Http://www.tanklesswaterheaters.ca - Tankless Low Energy Systems of Whitby, Ontario. Tankless water heaters.

Http://www.canadametal.com - Canada Metal - Sheet lead is a spectacularly effective soundproofing material, and it's easy to use. Acoustic-grade versions come in rolls four feet wide and 25 feet long.

Http://www.puzzlefloor.com - Puzzle Floor - It's a pre-finished, precision fit, premium quality, solid hardwood floor that stands out from the crowd.

Http://www.velux.ca - Velux Skylights - No other light source, including windows, can deliver what skylights do.

Http://www.mansfieldplumbing.com - Mansfield Plumbing - Maverick high performance toilets from Mansfield provide exceptional flushing power for a clean wash and complete flush every time.

Http://www.quickstyle.com - QUICKSTYLE hardwood and laminate flooring. 1-800-387-8953

Http://www.blancocanada.com - BLANCO presents artfully-conceived and precision-engineered SteelArt, a breathtaking palette of ultra-exclusive stainless steel sinks and complementary faucets. 1-871-425-2626

Http://www.themarmoleumstore.com - MARMOLEUM - Environmentally responsible flooring that is anti-static and easy to clean. Now available in click panels and squares for an easy, 'glueless' installation. 1-866-627-6653

Http://www.radiantcompany.com - RADIANT FLOOR COMPANY - efficient, affordable, quiet, reliable. It's never been easier to do it yourself. 1-866-warm-toes (927-6863)

Http://www.bainultra.com - BAINULTRA - a unique health experience. Salle de spa is a new concept that will change how you think about bathroom design.

Http://www.canackitchens.com - CANACKITCHENS - Frameless cabinetry designed for a pleasing contrast with the look of stainless steel appliances. Frameless cabinetry offers more storage space than conventional cabinetry and also has an easier-to-clean surface due to fewer corners and crevices, the company says.

Http://www.elmirastoveworks.com - ELMIRA STOVE WORKS - Refrigerator revival with a 1989 French door for an antique-style look with the technology of today.

Http://www.venmar.ca - VENMAR CONNAISSEUR 5000 range hood from Venmar Ventilation Inc. has a professional look and many options.

Http://www.lge.com - LG introduces an integrated refrigerator and TV/radio, which includes a built-in 15" LCD television. An AV input for a DVD player as well as a USB port for displayng digital photographs are also offered. An eight-category recipe bank comes with 100 pre-loads recipes, and a touch-screen display controls temperatures. The fridge also features an automatic icemaker, canteilevered spill-portector tempered glas shelves, and a pizza nook. It is available in titanium or gloss black exteriors.

Http://www.thinkclearthinkblue.ca - THINK CLEAR THINK BLUE - Kenetico ' whole home' water trreatment systems delivery the best quality water available right to your taps. For water that is contaminant free, chemical free, odorless and great tasting, no other in-home water treatment system offers you as much protection, convenience and reliability. 1-866-351-8722

Http://www.techniseal.com - TECHNI-SEAL Polymeric Sand - strength, beauty, stability, over a decade of performance and still going strong. 1-800-465-seal.

Http://www.livoutdoor.com - DECKORATORS - differentiate your deck, build it to look good, build it to last. 1-905-852-3733

Http://www.bradleysmoker.com - Bradley Smoker - Controlled smoking - the six-rack digital smoker from Bradley Technologies enables the user to control temperature, time and smoke for complete customized cooking.

Http://www.jeld-wen.com - BRING IT IN - Jeld-Wen's IWP Exterior Folding Door System allows for a 48-foot door opening for free-flowing indoor and outdoor access. The door opens 'accordion-style' and slides on an overhead trck, folding out of the way when not closed.

Http://www.ebty.com - EBTY hidden deck fasteners are virtually invisible from the top or bottom of the deck, dock or boardwalk and can be used for natural wood or composites. The product allows for a deck that resists splintering and eliminates screw holes that could cause moisture problems. Fasteners are made from ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene and are available in six different models to accommodate different sizes of decking. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Http://www.decra.com - DECRA ROOFING SYSTEMS

 - TREX - Custom Decks and Spas, Inc. - Imagine your perfect space. Trex can make it a realty with more preferred sytles, colors and finishes -- all backed by a 25-year warranty. And because Trex lasts longer and is easier to care for than wood, you can look forward to years of worry-free enjoyment. 1-800-buy-trex, ext. 4350.

    Http://www.macleanrealty.com - CALGARY real estate agent since 1986: Mike MacLean - 1-800-287-5446.

    Http://www.jasonayles.com - Kelowna real estate agent: Jason Ayles at 1-888-301-2121.

    Http://www.luxury-miami-real-estate.net - MIAMI, FLORIDA - Francisco Suels suelsferro@hotmail.com

    Http://www.oldhouseweb.com - Ideas, advice and community for old-house enthusiasts!

    Http://www.cyclovac.com - Central Vacuum Cyclovac - high efficiency collection introduces an entirely new triple filtration system which eliminates household dust and allergens from your home. 1-800-665-2500

    Http://www.menardiiron.com - Menardi Iron Design Inc. - To choose Menardi iron designs is to choose furniture design that suits your lifestyle and the definition of quality. 1-866-menardi

    Http://www.woodwaiter.com - WOODWAITER - efficient electric unit for moving wood from cellar to fireplace or stove. 1-800-290-8510

    Http://www.sonia-sa.com - Vanity for Two - The Paris Double Vanity from Sonia offers a curved design. It's made of solid wood and marine grade plywood, which is 100 per cent water resistant, the company says. The sink has a 50-inch wingspan. It also features a "floating" glass countertop and sink (available in snow, blue or frosted finish) with three front drawers, two lateral doors and a low shelf for towels.

    Http://www.zumacollection.com - Bathing on the Edge - The Blueline Series from Zuma creates the illusion of water floiwng to eternity as water cascades over the interior rim of the bathtub. The combination of the cascading water and invigorating bubbles or a deep soaking bathtub creates a spa experience in the comfort of your home, the company says.

    Http://www.kohler.com - Sleek Showering - Under its sleek profile, the WaterTile rain showering panel from Kohler uses a system of four 54-nozzle, adjustable sprayheads. The panels are available as overhead and body sprays. A soldering template is included for ease of installation, and the panels are avaialbel in several finishes.

    Http://www.kohler.com - Programmable Shower - The Kohler DTV custom showering product features a thermostatic valve and digital interface, allowing a myriad of customizable shower experiences using multiple showerheads, hand showers and body sprays -- all with the touch of a button. The digital interface can be installed inside and/or outside the showering space, so the user can activate the program before entering the shower. The company has developed preset spray configurations: frontage, envelop, unwind, linear, downpour and surround. Several finishes are available.

    Http://www.waterfurnace.com - Geothermal climate control - The envision series product line from Waterfurnce has the highest heating and cooling efficiency in its category of any product certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute. The geothermal powered furance/air conditioner/hot water system delivers a savings up to 60 per cent from a conventional system and can deliver an extra four units of energy for every single unit of electrical energy used, the company says. Temperatures in different areas of the home can be regulated with an optional zone control system. It can be installed in new and existing homes.

    Http://www.radiantcompany.com - D-I-Y RADIANT FLOORING - Radiant Floor Company builds and designs radiant heating systems geared toward do-it-yourselfers and small contractors. Systems are engineered to be straightforward, easy-to-understand, efficient and effective, the company says. The design service includes a Zone Calculation Worksheet that includes heat loss calculations for each zone, pump types and sizes, tube spacing, circuit lengths and a list of components required for each system. The design and installation manual is written in non-technical language.

    Http://canada.com - * news - local, national, world * politics * sports * entertainment * video * fnance * travel * health * lifestyle * technology * astrology * photos

    Http://www.lakestoneresort.com - BC's Okanagan, a mecca for retirees, got a major boost recently with the announcement of plans for a $1.4 billion lifestyle and resort development, the largest ever built in the region. LakeStone Resort, sprawled over 24 hectares, will feature a combined hotel-vineyard-village service area, and 1,400 private multi-and single-family house units, built duirng a 10 to 12 year period. Marketing is being carried out by Recreational & Residential Projects Marketing Inc., headed by President George Hare, based in Vancouver 1-888-997-7776.

    Http://www.internettrafficreport.com - A site to check when it seems like the internet is running kind of slow.

    Http://www.phoenixsearch.com - PHOENIX, ARIZONA Real Estate Agent: Brian Culhane Search all Phoenix homes and real estate for sale on the most comprehensive Phoenix real estate site online.

    Http://www.cleanfieldenergy.com - Cleanfield Energy TM is focused on the development of innovative solutions for clean, renewable energy. Their technologies offer a reliable alternative to traditional power generation systems, which produce greenhouse gases (GHGs), rising levels of pollution, increased global warming, and the ever-increasing prices of traditional energy sources.

    Http://www.homesafetycouncil.com - Information on home safety.

    Http://www.viessmann.ca - What's the secret to high efficiency home heating? 1-800-387-7373

    Http://www.statementsdefine.com - Statements Define Your Home - impressive custom doors, elegant stone cast fireplace mantles, original works of art, unique natural stone products, and more .... 1-888-444-5606

    Http://www.jacuzzi.com - Jacuzzi is the natural choice for a relaxing getaway -- especially when it's in your own backyard.

    Http://www.liquidstainlesssteel.com - Paint-on stainless steel.

    Http://www.homehardware.ca - Pre-Buy Preview - HomeWorks computer software from Home Hardware is the only software package on the market that allows homeowners and contractors to digitally visualize thier interior, exterior construction and design projects before beginning, the company says.

    Http://www.rodam.com - RODAM International Inc. Proudly Canadian

    Http://www.superiorpropane.com - Superior Propoane has been helping Canadians build their dream homes for over 50 years. 1-87superior

    Http://www.envision.ca - Water Furnace - 1-800-geo-save

    Http://www.classicproducts.ca - Classic Products Canada - the best metal roofs under the sun. 1-866-969-roof

    Http://www.yorkupg.com - Modulating furnace from Affinity. The most accurate furnace available. 1-888-910-york.

    Http://www.zandirugs.com - Zandi - persian and oriental rugs. 1-800-989-2634

    Http://www.cbm.on.ca - CraftBilt - 1-800-668-6430

    Http://www.millikincarpet.com - Millikin Floor Covering - 519-924-2797

    www.yorkdaleflooringcentre.com - YORKDALE HARDWOOD FLOORING CENTRE - 1-416-640-9663

    Http://www.culturedstone.com - Cultured Stone - 1-800-977-8663

    Http://www.btsd-inc.com - B.T.S.D. Inc - Beyond the Screen Door 1-877-287-3667

    Http://www.nordichottubs.com - Nordic Hot Tubs - 1-888-get-tubs, ext 25

    Http://www.reversomatic.com - Reversomatic Mfg. Ltd. - 1-800-810-3473

    Http://www.sunporch.com - SunPorch - create your own outdoor room. 1-203-557-1105

    Http://www.northernstoneworks.com - Northern Stoneworks Cast Fireplace Mantles - 1-866-595-5013

    Http://www.readypine.com - Ready Pine prefinished tongue and groove flooring. 1-519-669-8830

    Http://www.wholesaleblindfactory.com - Wholesale Blind Factory - 1-866-942-4201

    Http://www.ultra-fin.com - Ultra-Fin radiant floor heting system - 1-888-565-2267

    Http://www.pikesawnings.com - Pike's Awnings Inc. - 1-800-268-3748

    Http://www.vintageflooring.com - Vintage Hardwood Flooring - 1-877-256-0231

    Http://www.radonloc.com - Radon Loc is a clear sealer that will not change the look of the concrete but will protect it permanently.

    Http://www.radon.com - Health hazards of radon in your home. What is radon?

    Http://www.homesbybaltic.ca - Builder of Nelson Homes www.nelson-homes.com balticproperties@sasktel.net

    Http://www.earthstoneovens.com - Wood-fired ovens from Earthstone offer a combination of roasting, baking and smoking.

    Http://www.firestonehp.com - The Sonoma Cedar Pergola from Fire Stone Home Products is a 14' x 14' outdoor living centre constructed with Chinese cedar.

    Http://www.cedarshed.com - Backyard Office - Cedarshed industries recently launched the first easy-to-assemble, panelized kit for quickly building an attractive, freestanding backyard office, the company says.

    Http://www.summerwood.com - Tea In, Tea Out - The Japanese-inspired Bali Tea House from Summerwood Products is a half enclosed, half open gazebo.

    Http://www.vicwest.com - VICWEST - Millennium Composite Decking, Fascia Board and Trims in Mocha, Sandalwood and Grey. An attractive and practical solution for Docks, Decks and Patios.

    Http://www.deckanddock.ca - Durable & Delicate - The Aspen Collection, manufactured by For-Seasons, a Belgian-based company, offers a wide range of cushion colour choices to accompany the woven polyethylene fibre. It can be left outdoors in all seasons and cleaned with soapy water.

    Http://www.sundancespas.com - Leave it Running - The 88o Majesta from Sundance Spas offers 35 jets in seven types that provide a full body hydromassage, jets can be adjusted depending on personal preference to control air, water direction and volume. A waterfall with adjustable water stram and lighting can be run continuously even with the spa off - an industry first, the company says. An aromatherapy system is tied into the blower, and eight different scents are available. The company's exclusive bearing-free design means no moving parts and high durability.

    Http://www.dfiro.com - Engineered for Shade - The Vizor sun umbrella from D-Firo Design, Inc. has a unique, elongated canopy that is scientifcally designed for shade.

    Http://www.napoleongrills.com - Double Header Barbeque Grill- The Gemini built-in model from Napoleon features two separate grill heads.

    Http://www.techniseal.com - TECHNI-SEAL ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATING is a high-tech acrylic emulsion that forms an ultra-adherent, elastic, extremely durable and anticorrosive protective membrane that extends the life of roofing and spares expensive renovations.

    Http://www.livoutdoor.com - BUILD A BETTER DECK - 905-852-3733

    Http://www.britemfg.com - BRITE COMPOSITE DECKING - 1-800-265-6021 - Create a lasting impression. A combination of real wood fibers and durable plastic.

    Http://www.andrewricharddesigns.com - LIFESTYLE FOR THE OUTDOORS - Unique designs for outdoor living space. 416-298-4770

    Http://www.garageliving.ca - ORGANIZE YOUR GARAGE TODAY! 1-877-850-8557

    Http://www.gppatio.com - GENERAL PRODUCTS - Outdoor living made easy.

    Http://www.trexpartners.com - TREX BRASILIA - The premium beauty of the tropics. Trex Brasilia brings home the exotic beauty of tropical hardwoods but leaves behind all the installation headaches. Unlkie rainforest timbers, there's no pre-drilling, oiling or staining required.

    Http://www.csa.ca - or www.ec.gc.ca/water/en/manage/effic/e_weff.htm -- new standards allow homeowners to recycle water.

    Http://www.perlick.com - Luxury you desire. Design you can't live without.

    Http://www.greenroofs.org - Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

    Http://www.terrafirmabuilders.ca - also www.sirewall.com. Rammed earth homes..

    Http://www.h20mes.net - Solar and wind homes.

    Http://www.aftproducts.com - BREEZE BOOSTER - Using low voltage DC fans, the Airflow Breeze from Airflow Technology works with a home's central heating and cooling system to draw additonal warm or cool air to problem rooms.

    Http://www.paverbrights.com - BRIGHT BRICKS - Paver Brights from Pave Tech are used as guiding lights for walkways, entrances and parking spaces or for borders along paved areas.

    Http://www.candig.com - CANDIG CD11 Mini Excavator - is ideal for hobby farmers, mining exploration, landscapers and builders. It can be usd for projects ranging from digging footings for retaining walls to installing water lines.

    Http://www.koenderswindmills.com - Koenders Windmills - 20 foot windmills -- reliable and affordable aeration systems.

    Http://www.viessmann.ca - Viessmann climate innovation. There are 4 keys to high-efficiency home heating, and there is only one company I trust to deliver them all -- Viessmann.

    Http://www.metalroofing.com - Metal Roofing

    Http://www.jaclo.com - Bar with options: The rain bar from jaclo allows the user to customize their showering experience.

    Http://neptuneb.com - Sleek & Square: Neptune's new addition to the Zen bathtub line, the 3260 model, incorporates 12 rotating back and foot jets, eight side jets and 13.5 amp pump.

    Http://www.kohler.com - Sok, Kohler's new overflowing bath for two, offers a chromatherapy option where users can introduce a full spectrum of colour to the bath with the touch of a button.

    Http://www.imperialhardware.com - bathroom taps, showerheads, etc.

    Http://www.saranatile.com - porcelain * stone * travertine * glass 905-385-2764

    Http://www.goodfellowinc.com - Tradition wood siding. 1-888-316-7208

    Http://www.cratedesigns.com - SPACE PROBLEMS? Find solutions at "Crate Designs" 1-800-563-1458 for showroom locations.

    Http://www.mysoninc.com - A European Tradition: Myson Towel Warmers are a mark of distinction for any home and a tradition of elegance that is legendary throughout Europe. 1-800-698-9690

    Http://www.nygardhome.ca - Nygard Home Linen 1-800-665-4858

    Http://www.themarmoleumstore.com - Marmoleum click is available in 18 colors in panels (approx. 12" x 36") and squares (approx. 12" x 12"). 1-866-627-6653

    Http://www.viessmann.ca - There are 4 keys to high-efficiency home heating -- check out Viessmann. 1-800-387-7373

    Http://www.rustoleum.ca - Floor coverings.

    Http://www.goodfellowinc.com - TimberTech Decks. 1-888-263-6269 (Central Canada)

    Http://www.madawaska-doors.com -

    Http://www.almavinyl.ca - The new presido Deck and Dock Series from Al-Mar Vinyl Products gives the convenience of two profiles in a single reversible board. Its embossed wood grain finish is attractive, slip resistant, and does not heat up like wood. Deck boards are virtually maintenance free, impervious to moisture, rotting and warping, and no staining or painting is required. It is available in three colours and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Http://www.britemfg.com - Deep Impressions -- Brite Impressions, a new product from Brite Manufacturing, is a one-inch solid deck board that has a bold, deep wood grain impression on one side and a soft brushed finish on the reverse. The company's patented blend technology fastening system provides ease of installation.

    Http://www.timbertech.com - Going Tropical -- Timber Tech's Earthwood Plank with VertiGrain surface has colour and grain variations that emulate natural variations in real tropical hardwood -- while offering the low-miantenance characteristics of composite decking. Tropical Rosewood, Tropical Teak and Tropical Walnut are offer in sold planks and in a proprietary tongue and groove profile. Time and exposure will enhance the natural colour of the deck, the company says. The product is available in Canada through Goodfellow Inc. (800-263-6269).

    Http://www.etpmetals.com - Aluminum Alternative -- Constructed of aluminum comprised of up to 80 percent recycled content, the ETP Decking System from ETP Metal Products will not warp, expand or contract with changing temperatures, the company says. A unique locking/gutter system provides a watertight surface that is ideal for protecting living area below the deck. An environmentally friendly VOC-free surface texture under wet and dry conditions. The company has developed a unique method of transferring wood grain patterns to the deck's surface with superior adhesion.

    Http://www.viceroy.com - Viceroy Dream Home Plans 1-888-423-7696

    Http://www.warmboard.com - Thick aluminum surface of Warmboard radiant subfloor possesses the two most important properties for excellent thermodynamic performance: high conductivity and low thermal mass. Aluminum is hundreds of times more conducive than concrete, which results in the lowest water temperatures in the radiant heat industry and reduced energy bills. Wamboard's low thermal mass permits it to heat up faster and respond more rapidly than concrete slab-based systems. This allows the right amount of radiant heat where and when it is wanted. When thinking about high performance and efficiency of radiant heat systems, think aluminum, not concrete. 1-877-338-5493

    Http://www.ntimatrix.com - The Matrix is a one-of-a-kind world-class energy device that incorporates a condensing water heater, condensing furance, condensing boiler and heat recovery ventilator, and which is already pre-wired for air conditioning. All of these functions are contained in one powerful system that produces exceptional comfort, with fewer tons of GHGs (Greenhouse Gases) than any other comparable home heat system -- The Matrix is so efficient that between two and six tons of GHSs will be saved annually. A two-ton savings is equal to planitng 280, or two acres of trees.

    Http://www.pexsupply.com - Wholesale prices at your fingertips -- radiant heat and PEX Plumbing Supplies. 888-757-4774

    Http://andrewricharddesigns.com - Designers of outdoor furniture.

    Http://www.accenjjs.com - * custom made pine and vinyl sheds * cedar patio furniture * do-it-yourself kits. 1-877-505-1250

    Http://www.shedvillage.com - A wide selection of fine products professionally installed and delivered. 1-866-854-4808

    Http://www.salcopatio.com - SALCO patio and leisure furniture (aluminum, steel, wrought iron, wicker, teak, umbrellas, hammocks and barbeques).

    Http://www.fusionstone.ca - For new construction and renovations. Fusion Stone is simply the best thin stone? It's mechanically fastened for a Lifetime of Performance, it doesn't trap moisture or support mould growth and it's much easier to install by all trades including "do-it-yourselfers".

    Http://www.richcraftdoors.com - Meticulously hand-crafted, one door at a time using the finest Honduran Mahogany, Stunning hand-forged decorative eleements. When only the finest will do. 1-877-567-1277

    Http://www.oldwebhouse.com - Save money on your repairs! This is a web site Researchers at Freddie Mac decided to put together a list of life expectancies of various home systems and major appliances. This is good information whether you already own a home or are considering buying one. This will give you time to save towards repairs or replacements, which can be costly. It lists appliances, gutters and downspouts, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and roofs

    Http://www.caromausa.com - The Dream Bathroom by Caroma. 1-800-605-4218

    Http://www.solusdecor.com - Earth and fire come together with the Folus outdoor firebowl. It is available in four different colours and can be onfigured with a propane or natural gas burner. Individually hand cast and finished, each one is entirely unique with its own distinctive character.

    Http://www.ucsh.com - Bronze hardware. Upper Canada Specialty Hardware introduces the Rocky Mountain Hardware line of handmade, solid bronze architectural hardware. Each piece of hardware is individually poured using high-quality silicon and white bronzes. Bronze naturally oxidizes over time, giving each piece its own unique patina.

    Http://equinoxinteriors.ca - Unique and Practical - Shoji Dividers from Equinox Interiors offer a unique, practical way of dividing space, coverning a window or storage area or adding an accent light to a space. Solid hardwood joined using traditional methods is the structural foundation of the door, but hand-made japanese paper adds warmth, texture and colour.

    Http://www.acrylinesystembaths.com - Perpetual Innovation 1-800-567-0920

    Http://www.eurolite.com - Eurolite - Visit the Eurolite showroom and see the most elegant European lighting for yourself today. 5 Lower Sherbourne, Toronto, ON

    Http://www.ntimatrix.com - All in One: The Matrix from NY Thermal INc is the first integrated appliance to not only meet, but exceed the new CSA P.10 standard for 'premium' performance of its product type, the company says. The product incorporates a condensing water heater, furnace and boiler, and heat recovery ventilator and is pre-wired for air-conditioning. Compared to conventional natural gas furnaces and water heaters,this system is 60 percent more efficient recovering heat, 30 per cent more efficient heating water and more efficient heating space, the company says.

    Http://www.ultrastone.ca - Specializing in counter tops, fireplace mantels, surrounds, custom slab and tile installation.

    Http://www.yorkupg.com - York: With efficiency ratings of up to 98% the new Affinity Modulating furnace is the most efficient unit available today. Save energy and maximize the comfort unit available today. Save energy and maximize the comfort in your home while minimizing sound levels. Affinity furnaces modulate or adjust heat in 1% increments to meet the exact heating your home needs no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

    Http://www.vinylwindowdesigns.com - CSA certified windows! Energy Star accepted styles! Approved for WindowWise! Your choice of low E glass with 'free solar energy' or 'solar control' properties! E-clean glass helps clean itself!

    Http://www.regency-fire.com - Fire is transformed into art by blending color and modern design in the new Contemporary Collection by Regency - designers of quality fireplaces for over 30 years. Recognized as one of the premium brands in the industry, Regency provides a fabulous range of quality gas and wood fires that can be designed to suit any room or decor.

    Http://www.heatlinkgroup.com - Radiant floor heating system -- simply place on top of existing sub-floor, does not require concrete, or wet-mass, over-pour, no structural changes required, inexpensive components keep material costs low. 1-800-661-5332

    Http://www.solusdecor.com - Discover the beauty of handcast concrete. 1-877-255-3146

    Http://www.builtgreencanada.ca - Built Green™ is an industry driven voluntary program that promotes "green" building practices to reduce the impact that building has on the environment. It benefits the homebuyer, the community and the environment and is an opportunity for everyone to choose a "green" future. Built Green™ is currently available in ALBERTA and BRITISH COLUMBIA. TOTAL NUMBER OF HOMES ENROLLED TO DATE Learn more about Built Green™ and check out our success stories. Find out who our members are and membership information.

    Http://www.trashmydress.ca - TRASH MY DRESS PHOTOGRAPHY Welcome to Trash My Dress Photography (TMD). Specializing in a photography movement that is steadily gaining momentum across the world, we also wish to be your Wedding Photojournalist(s). TMD feels that your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and want to preserve the day, the people, the special moments that can never be re-enacted. As a co-owner, married couple photography team, we understand how vital it is to have your day captured beautifully, for you to enjoy in the decades to come. Our goal is to provide unconventional, candid, creative, artistic and unposed photography. The real raw emotions, the real happenings of the day and the real side of you and your loved ones. Have a look through our galleries and price packages. If there isn't a package that suits your needs, we can certainly customize a package to what you are looking for.

    Http://www.holliberriesinteriors.com - Holliberries Interiors - 585-9219

    Http://www.pentagonshutters.com - Rolling shutters: security, protection, comfort, shading, energy and savings. 1-866-705-4668

    Http://www.taigaselectflooring.com - Floors you can live on. Whether you're walking them to soothe a new baby or pacing them at the first missed curfew, you want floors you can live on for years and years. From stately hardwood to eco-friendly engineered hardwood and last-forever laminates, Taiga Select Flooring offers colours and finishes to suit any decor with pricing to suit any budget. Whatever your life, whatever your style, you'll discover floors you can live on at Taiga.

    Http://www.greatmats.com - Greatmats offers the highest quality rubber flooring, exercise mat, dance floor, martial arts mats, foam mat, play mat, rubber floor mat, child mat, garage flooring, kids mats and puzzle mats for home and commercial applications.

    Http://www.buildingonline.com -

    Http://www.advancedbasementsystems.net - Advanced Basement Systems has seen tens of thousands of finished and unfinished basement with water problems ranging from dampness to all-out flooding in Ontario, Canada. If you are going to finish your basement, we recommend taking some important pre-finished steps. If you already have finished your basement, most of these precautions can still be made.

    Http://tier-1products.com - Tier-1 Products Inc. - 1-877-434-0359

    Http://www.pikesawnings.com - Pike's Awnings Inc. - 800-268-3748

    Http://www.enviroshake.com - Enviroshake Quality Engineered Roofing - 866-423-3302

    Http://www.sunrisetradex.com - www.sunrisetradex.com

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    Http://www.idealroofing.com - Ideal Roofing's New Long-life Steel Shingles - 800-267-0860

    Http://www.bonnevillewd.com - Bonneville Windows and Doors

    Http://www.dekdrain.com - DEK - Water Diversion System - "Now you see it, now you don't." 1-866-335-3724

    Http://www.designerplans.ca - Designer Plans Inc. - architectural styles from traditional to modern. 1-888-443-7446

    Http://www.ernieward.com - When you have clients Relocating to the Mississauga, Oakville, Milton or West Toronto area, call Ernie Ward. Broker Re/Max Realty Specialists www.ernieward.com homes@ernieward.com 905-828-3434 Cell 416-460-3592

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    Http://www.leak-bye.com - The interior foundation drainage system since 1995. Leak-bye diverts inside moisture from foundation leaks to drainage below floor slab. 1-800-393-5325

    Http://www.soapstoneheating.com - Ages ago our fireplaces were created to help man defeat the enviornment. Today, they're designed to save it.

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    Http://www.canadiancobblesystems.com - New to Canada, CobbleSystems is a unique paving system of individually-cast cobblestones attached to a flexible mat.

    Http://www.fusionstone.ca - The easiest do-it-yourself masonry -- 1-800-265-3174

    Http://www.solarforhomes.ca - Canada's solar electric specialists * A national network of installers * Eligible for provincial incentive programs * 1-866-258-0110

    Http://www.squaredecko.com/home - SquareDecko (TM) lets you cover up concrete and wood with attractive, maintenance-free tiles and create a resort-styled outdoor space. Are you tired of looking at the sameold sun-bleached deck knowing it's time to re-stain..again? And what about that chipped, cracked concrete porch or patio around the pool? Wouldn't you like to have a nice, resort-styled terrace without all that work? 1-866-322-1590 (207)

    Http://www.techniseal.com - Made from a high-tech acrylic emulsion, techniseal RoofKeeper extends a roof's life while giving it a new look, for a fraction of the price of replacing the roofing material. Microporous, opaque and elastic, it allows moisture to escape from the roof, while being peel - and weather-resistant. Available in four colours, Roofkeeper is easily and quickly applied directly over asphalt shingles to offer long lasting protection against the elements, the company says.

    Http://www.atponds.com - Water Gardens - 1-888-546-3182

    Http://www.rotospa.com - Just Plug it In -- Portable * Affordable * Luxury 1-877-768-6772

    Http://www.mosaicsbytwo.com - MOSAICS BY TWO - From classic patterns in neutral colours to funky designs in bright hues, Mosaics By Two's custom glass mosaic art is truly unique. Each item is made of hand-cut stained glass placed piece by piece to create the design.

    Http://www.saskatchewangreendirectory.org/product-category/wind-turbines - Suncatcher Solar Homes - Delisle, Saskatchewan (306) 493-2355 and Sound Solar Systems Inc. - Kronau, Saskatchewan (306) 586-2308

    Http://www.highlandmortgagepartners.ca - KEITH ANDRADE Business Development Manager Highland Mortgage Partners 4133 Albert St. Regina SK Office 306-586-5656 Cell 306-596-0490 Fax 866-232-5656 keithandrade1@gmail.com

    Http://capitalmodularstructures.com - Build you next home with Capital Modular Structures out of Emerald Park, Saskatchewan or call them at (306) 522-0650. Also build a variety type of buildings such as townhouses, seniors complexes, lake front property, etc.

    Http://www.kilz.com - Applying a quality primer over old colors helps you achieve your new color choice with the fewest coats and least amount of work. The powerful KILZ Premium formula works magic on even the toughest color changes; dark over light colors or light over dark.

    The overnight daybed, from Toronto-based Andrew Richard Designs, provides a stylish, durable and extremely comfortable place for summer relaxation. The daybed is created from woven Solartex synthetic fibre, which has been developed for logevity in all outdoor climates.

    Http://www.northernheatpump.com - Geothermal heating and cooling equipment. 1-877-325-9772

    Http://www.vandabaths.com - Deep, opulent and curvaceous - escape with the Barcelona collection, the latest in freestanding design from Victoria and Albert. 1-800-421-7189

    Http://www.gni.ca - The ultimate choice for a healty, comfortable, energy efficient home. Polyurethane foam seals better, has better R-value per inch and adds structural strength better than any other product or combination of products. Great Northern Insulation is committed to being Canada's most trusted name in air leakage control and moisture protection in order to improve the durability, health, and integrity of your building envelope. 1-800-265-1914

    Http://www.hudsonvalleylighting.com - Hudson Valley Lighting's Montauk sconce casts a warm glow when used in its single, double or three-arm version. Its clean lines make it ideal for illuminating a transitional space. The soft cotton crystal that encircles the light brings a touch of understated sparkle. Available in three finishes Polished Nickel. Old Bronze (shown) or Satin Nickel.

    Http://www.thinkglass.com - Produced by Quebic-based company Thinkglass, this Ocean-Inspired Illuminated Glass Countertop brings a real sparkle to the kitchen. Each countertop begins with a handmade process, so every one is unique Texture, edge treatment, thickness and shape are all customizable -- and there's even an option to add LED lights within the glass, resulting in a shimmering water look. Made from 100 per cents recyclable glass, its cast in a single piece -- with no cracks or weakness -- and its non-porous surface means there are no crevices to harbour harmful bacteria, mould or mildew.

    Http://www.artisticconcretedesigns.ca - Artistic Concrete Designs Ltd is a Decorative Concrete Company in Regina SK. We specialize in Decorative Concrete for Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings. Our Goal is to branch out and bring a fresh new look to the Concrete Industry in Regina, by offering something more than just plain boring concrete. We are experienced and our portfolio is growing rapidly across many cities. If you are looking for something that is different and will be noticed contact us! We also provide bobcat services and for the harsh winters we offer snow removal services.

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